Meet Kiera


For years I struggled and was unhappy in my life. I suffered from anxiety so bad it became crippling.  It got to the point where I struggled just to leave the house. 

I felt lost, alone and if I'm honest with you, broken! 


One day, I was sat on the floor of my empty bedroom (and I mean empty - not one piece of furniture left) in a house I had to leave due to a break-up and I was crying uncontrollably when it hit me... There is a pattern happening in my life and I am creating this pattern. 


I always blame other people or events that had occurred but never noticed that this was a pattern of behaviours. This meant I rarely held myself accountable for my life or the challenges I was facing, much to the frustration of the people around me (sorry to any ex-partners who may be reading this!)


Not only were my patterns of behaviour not serving me, I was always looking for things outside of me to give me my happiness, a job, a partner, my family and so on. Obviously, these things have an effect on our happiness, however, if we give them the power to BE our happiness as a whole, we lose. 

We could get the sack from our dream job or our partner could leave us and this ends our whole world. 


When we work on ourselves and find out how to create our own happiness instead of relying on this from outside sources, we create magic! ✨


It’s not about these outside factors NEVER effecting you, its about finding ways to let things crumble around you but YOU not crumbling with them!


I can now say with my chest, I am the happiest I have ever been. This doesn’t mean I’m happy all day everyday and it doesn’t mean I don’t struggle from time to time (we are only human), but it does mean I create happiness in each and every day!


It’s my mission to help you create your happiness and a life that fills you with the excitement and happiness you deserve! 


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